Episode 2 – The imporantce of Social Media 

Sponsored by Wollongong City Council

Joining us in episode two is Wollongong-based online marketing expert Kellie O’Brien, who explains how to promote your business and build a following across your social channels, sharing her insights into:

  • where your audience are and where you should be showing up
  • integrating social media with your website and other platforms
  • what to post and when to post it
  • how to quickly adapt your marketing plan.

Episode 1 – Getting online ASAP 

Sponsored by Wollongong City Council 

This first episode in the series guides you through establishing an e-commerce presence for the first time. Ory Purhonen, founder of Webics, a Nowra-based web design and marketing agency, explains how to: 

  • adapt your business to survive and thrive
  • change the delivery of your product or service
  • launch your business online
  • alter your marketing communications.

Episode 4 – Managing your cash flow  

Sponsored by Wollongong City Council

Managing cash flow has been a critical issue facing businesses of all sizes and in episode four we are joined by Courtney West, a partner at KPMG in Wollongong, who outlines what a sensible cashflow management strategy looks like, including:

  • the importance of cash flow in the current climate
  • practical tips for cash flow planning
  • what your business can be doing right now and into the future.

Episode 3 – Reducing rental stress 

Sponsored by Wollongong City Council

Joining us for our third episode is Sam Troutman, lawyer at RMB Lawyers in Wollongong. A specialist in property and real estate law, Sam guides you through commercial tenancies, answering the questions at the forefront of many business owners minds: 

  • how the national code of conduct works
  • who it applies to, and how it works in practice
  • how to approach your landlord.

Episode 6 – Jobkeeper 2.0 

Sponsored by Shellharbour City Council

Joining us in episode six is local chartered accountant and partner at Accounting Professionals, Gary Pinch, who covers everything your business needs to know about JobKeeper 2.0 and beyond, sharing practical advice and insights into:

  • the impact of changes to JobKeeper 2.0
  • the NSW Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant
  • developing strategies to manage disruption post JobKeeper.

Episode 5 – Planning the way forward 

Sponsored by Wollongong City Council

With restrictions beginning to be lifted, business need to know how to position themselves for success coming out of the COVID-19 downturn. Episode five delivers expert advice from the team at Waples Marketing Group who walk you through:

  • the importance of planning the way forward out of hibernation
  • the role of digital and PR as part of the marketing mix
  • mainstream advertising and professional practice marketing.

Episode 7 – Managing your workflow 

Sponsored by Shellharbour City Council

In our final episode we are joined by David Potts, Partner and head of Kells employment, personal injury and compensation teams. As a specialist in employment law, episode seven sees David deliver expert advice on managing your workforce in the current climate, including:

  • the common issues businesses are currently facing
  • the difference between redundancy and stand downs
  • practical tips for getting the recruitment process right.